Friday, April 22, 2011

Wal Mart PAID Ya Ya $1.36 to Shop Today

It finally happened!

I've NEVER been handed cash to shop at Wal Mart before.

Today, They PAID ME, $1.36 for shopping.

Read on to see how it played out!

Here's the breakdown:

5 Similac Sensitive Spit Up Ready Feed Formula @ 3.84 each
10 Oral B Advantage Toothbrushes @ 1.97 each
10 Trial Size Degree Deodorant for Men @ .97 each
7 Nivea for Men @ 3.00 each
8 Nivea for Women @ 3.00 each
Total BEFORE tax: 93.60
Tax on Food in WV 3% .58
Tax on Merchandise in WV 6% 4.46
Sub Total: $98.64

Coupons used:
5-$5 off ANY Similac Product (Found in the 4/3/2011 Smart Source Insert)
10-$1 off ANY Degree Deodorant for Men (Found in 3/27/2011 Red Plum Insert)
7-$3 off Nivea for Men (Found in 4/17/2011 Red Plum Insert)
8-$3 off Nivea for Women (Found in 4/17/2011 Red Plum Insert)

10-$2 off :
  • One Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction or Advantage Manual Toothbrush
  • Or Two Indicator or Cavity Defense Manual Toothbrushes (Found in 3/13/2011 Red Plum Insert)
Total Coupons :$100

And Wal Mart handed me $1.36 in Change!

I'd like to mention the two following things:

1. The Similac has been donated to our local food bank. 
I originally planned to purchase the formula for Big D, but he's since been switched to a different formula.

2. You will notice that I have TRIAL SIZE deodorant and not the full size. 
These were:
  • A: FREE and
  • B: Trial Sizes are great for Gym Bags, and to fill in when you might be running low on deodorant!
Over all, a GREAT trip to Wal Mart!


Bailey said...

Those are always great experiences.

Sharon said...

That is awesome! and I'm sure the foodbank appreciates it!

Natasha said...

Awesome! I am waiting on the day that I get paid to shop. Until then I get to share in the joy and excitement of others who have achieved it.

Mandy said...

Wow great job! I have never tried to have them pay me. I just throw something else in I need so I go over. I will have to try that. You did amazing!

Chrystal Mahan said...

That is AWESOME! I love reading/watching/hearing about others coupon stories!

Sher. said...

Love it! Extreme couponing example here! :)