Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coupons for the Military-over $3,500 in coupons sent!

Well, the month of May sure came and went fast...didn't it?

With a new month comes the cleaning out and reorganizing our COUPON BINDER.

Remember though, we consider coupons to be MONEY and our Nation's Military families can use expired coupons up to 6 months past the coupon expiration date.

We wrote about it HERE.

So, a-cleaning we the tune of an estimated $3,500 in coupons.

This is just a SMALL portion of the coupons we are mailing. We sort our coupons into individual envelopes based upon expiration month: Food, Non-Food, Baby, and Pets.

Once they are all sorted, we use a flat rate USPS envelope to send them on their way.

Generally, throughout the binder clean out process, we file these away as we go...just to keep life a little more simple.

While the military families can use them up to 6 months expired, we send ours out every other month. This is because coupons are sent to the base, and this allows the families time to receive them, have them sorted, and still use them.

You might ask....WHY let so much money in coupons expire?
The answer is: Just because there is a coupon available, it doesn't mean that using it will get you the rock bottom price. Also, we clip ALL coupons, just in case. Those we don't use, we send in the hopes that a military family will be able to use it.

Or.... WHERE in the world did you get so many coupons in the first place?
The simple answer: We have A LOT of help.
 We ask our friends, and neighbors for coupon inserts.

We also need to mention, that my father, a Vietnam Vet, is such a supporter of our couponing, and often saves inserts just for me. Many of the coupons being sent are a direct result of his support.

This is My Dad, holding his first ever Great Grandson...BIG D!

Thanks so much to my Dad. For his contribution to our effort to send coupons to our military, for his service to our country and for so many things I just can't post here!

I Love You Dad!

Please consider clipping coupons for our military. I know that the families who receive them are so very grateful!

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Save A Lot Sale and Coupon Match UP Sale Ends June 11

Have you shopped at Save A Lot? I have, but only on occasion. However, in looking at their online ad, which expires June 11, I found some really great sale/coupon match ups.

First of all, if you have NOT signed up for their Smart Shopper it! You receive, via email, a $5 off any purchase over $25 coupon.
With this sale, you can easily hit that $25 mark!!

Save A Lot has a June 10 for $10 sale. We could not determine if this is a month long special, but we do know that these prices are in effect until June 11.

We found:

Butterball Turkey Bacon. (Kroger has these for $2.50 PER pack)
$0.65/1 Butterball Turkey Meat Products from the 5/22/2011 Smart Source Insert; coupon expires 7/10/2011.
$0.35/1 ANY Butterball Turkey Bacon PEELIE found on specially marked packages; coupon expires 7/31/2011
 That's Turkey Bacon for as low as $0.35 per package!
Totino's Pizza Rolls 15 count/assorted varieties
Use: $0.40/2 Totinos Rolls Snacks from the  4/17/2011 Smart Source Insert; coupon expires 7/9/2011
Knorr Sides (Pasta or Rice)/assorted varieties
$1/3 Knorr Rice and Pasta Sides from the 5/22/2011 Red Plum Insert; coupon expires 6/19/2011
$0.50/2 Knorr Pasta and Rice Sides from the 5/22/2011 Red Plum Insert; coupon expires 7/30/2011
Oscar Meyer Lunchables/assorted varieties
$1/1 Lunchables Combinations with Fruit from the 5/15/2011 Smart Source Insert; coupon expires 7/10/2011 **If Included**
Tony's Pizza/Pepperoni or Supreme
$0.50/3 Tony's Pizza Products from the  5/15/2011 Smart Source Insert; coupon expires 7/1/2011
Hamburger Helper/assorted varieties
$0.75/1 Hamburger Helper, Tuna or Chicken Helper from the 5/22/2011 Smart Source Insert; coupon expires 7/16/2011
$0.75/3 Hamburger, Tuna, or Chicken Helper from the 5/1/2011 Smart Source Insert; coupon expires  6/25/2011
$0.75/3 Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper from the 4/17/2011 Smart Source Insert; coupon expires 6/11/2011
You can find the entire Warwood, Wheeling, WV ad BY CLICKING HERE 
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Stockpile Peeping

We've seen other blogs-and some of them post "Wordless Wednesday" Posts.
Generally, it's just a picture or two of what's going on in their lives.

We call THIS our Semi-Wordless Wednesday Post.
While the pictures may, indeed, leave you speechless, we wanted to provide you with some information about the pictures, and the Coupon-er/Stockpiler to whom they belong.

I "met" The Coupon Hustler via one of my favorite websites: We Use Coupons.

Obviously, she and I share a passion for Purex!
See: Photobucket

But other than that, she and I share the same philosophy:
That creating a stockpile of items your family uses, while gathering those items at rock bottom prices is just smart!
Plus, we DO have that coupon-thing in common too.

We asked The Coupon Hustler a few things about her stockpile:

YaYa: "How long have you been stockpiling?"
The Coupon Hustler:  "I've been stockpiling for 6 months".

YaYa: "Can you tell us....what was your favorite score?"
The Coupon Hustler:  "My favorite deal so far was at Publix in Orlando, FL. Pedigree Dentastix were 3.00 and B1G1F! I got about 50 of them, as the coupons I had were for $2/1! So for every two I bought, I got $1 in overage!"


Additionally, she told us about another score she's pretty proud of:
"Mueller's Pasta. I did two separate deals w/ this. 
The first was at Publix in FL, and they were on sale B1G1F @ 1.43, and I had 1/1 coupons, so for every two I bought, I got $0.57 in overage. 
Around the same time, Winn Dixie has Mueller's Pasta on sale for $1, and again my coupons were for $1/1, but I also had several WD store coupons for $5/$25, so for every 25 boxes I got $5 in overage towards meat!
Between the two stores I bought 350+ boxes of pasta."


YaYa: "Do you have anything in your sights for this coming month...any particular item or items that you are hoping to add to your stockpile?"
The Coupon Hustler:  "With Summer around the corner, I forsee a lot of "BBQ" items on sale. We will probably see a lot of deals on chips, dip, soda, sports drinks, etc.

Some items I hope to add to my stockpile this month are sports drinks and canned tomatoes! "

While we here at YaYaCouponz aren't new to couponing,
we always enjoy the pictures of other stockpilers.

Thus, with out futher ado, here is another preview of The Coupon Hustler's 6 month Stockpile.
We have to tip our hats, as we find it quite impressive.





Photo's used and posted with the express consent of The Coupon Hustler.
We encourage you to visit THE COUPON HUSTLER'S BLOG
She's got a super cute site loaded with coupon information.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here's a Dollar General Deal on Pine Sol

In this week's ad...good til June 5th, Dollar General has Pine Sol in the 28 oz size for $1.75

Match that with a $1 off 1 PRINTABLE PINE SOL COUPON and get the bottle for $0.75.
You CAN print this that's 2 bottles for $1.50 plus tax....around here that's 2 bottles for less that the sale price of 1!

I'm grabbing this deal this week! I LOVE Pine Sol Baby!
And, remember, if DG doesn't have it on their shelves, Wal Mart WILL Price Match :)

Until Next Time:


It's the end of the month.
That means that some of these awesome PRINTABLE coupons might not be available tomorrow.
We are affiliated with and would hate to see you miss out on some great coupons!
Click the picture below to head over and print out yours today before they disappear!!

Kroger Sale Match-UP Sale Ends June 5th

Here's what's on sale this week at your local Kroger Store.
Below are some Printable Coupons to match UP the sales price to maximize your savings!
Price shown is the Sale Price BEFORE Coupon.

All Laundry Detergent, 38-32 loads $2.99
$1 off 1-PRINTABLE 

Snuggle Fabric Softener, 32-40 loads, $2.99
$1 off 1 PRINTABLE 

Suave Hair Care, or Body Wash, 10.5-14.5 oz, $1.67 
$0.50 off 1-PRINTABLE 
AND use:
Buy One/Get One Suave Body Wash or Lotion from the 5/22/2011 Red Plum Insert, coupon expires 6/19/2011.
Combining the two coupons means you get 2 Suave Body Wash for: $0.67!

Power Bar $1
$1 off 2-PRINTABLE

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade $1.25
$0.75 off 1-PRINTABLE

Pasta is CHEAP again this week:

Ronzoni Pasta Products $1

$1 off 2 Quick Cook-PRINTABLE
Enter then PRINT $1 off 1 Garden Delight
$1 off 2 Assorted Ronzoni Pasta PRINTABLES
$1 off 2 Assorted Ronzoni Pasta PRINTABLES

Maxwell House Coffee 31-34.5 ozs. $7.99
$1 off 1 PRINTABLE

Tyson Bagged Chicken or Any'tizers $6.99
$1 off Any'tizers Snacks PRINTABLE
$1 off Any'tizers Wings PRINTABLES

Oscar Meyer Lunchables $2
$1 off 1 with Fruit. LIKE on Facebook PRINTABLE

Ball Park Franks (They Plump When You Cook 'Em)Buy One/Get One ($3.99)
$0.75 off 2 PRINTABLE

International Delight Coffee Creamer 16 oz $1.50
$0.55 off 1 PRINTABLE
$0.55 off 1 PRINTABLE

Other Sales Items of Note:

Kroger 24 pack water $2.99
Kroger Gallon Milk 2 for $5
Kroger Large Eggs 10 for $10
Buy 3 12 packs Coke products 3 for $10-Get 2 FREE Ritz Crackers  (9.5-16oz boxes) Limit 2
Horizon Organic Milk Single Servings 10 for $10
Petite Carrots 10 for $10
7 UP Soft Drink Products 10 for $10
Blackberries or Raspberries 6 oz 10 for $10

Until Next Time: 

Coupon Preview Red Plum June 5, 2011

Remember, coupons are regional in nature. If you do not get every coupon listed, this is why. Be sure to consider an eBay auction, or a clipping service to get multiple coupons for the best stocking-up power. Use them if you do not get the coupons you were hoping to get!

Redplum 6/5
Activa 4-Packs, 8 packs or 12 packs or tubs $1.00/2 (7/31/11)
All laundry detergent 28 loads or larger $1.00/1 (7/17/11)
Alli 90 or 120 ct. $10.00/1 (6/30/11)
Ball Park products any $1.00/2 DND DNT #5 (7/1/11)
Disney or Marvel vitamin products $1.00/1 (7/15/11)
Domino Light or amber organic agave nectar $1.00/1 bottle (8/31/11)
8th Continent Soymilk any carton $1.00/1 (12/31/11)
Greenies canine dental chews 12oz or larger $3.00/1 (7/31/11)
Johnson's baby or Johnson's natural product no buddies 1oz to 4oz .50/1 (8/15/11)
Garnier fructis any shampoo, conditioner or treatment no trial $1.00/1 (9/5/11)
Garnier Fructis style product $1.00/1 no trial (9/5/11)
Kellogg's cereals 8.7oz or larger $1.00/3 (7/17/11)
L'Oreal Paris Skincare product $1.00/1 (7/31/11)
L'Oreal Preference $2.00/1 (7/31/11)
Met-Rx Protein Plus bar Buy One get One FREE to $2.39 ( 7/31/11)
Met-Rx Big 100 bar Buy one Get one Free up to $2.39 (7/31/11)
Millstone Coffee 10oz or larger prepack bag, 1/2 lb or more bulk or K-Cup portion packs $1.50/1 (8/31/11)
Nature Bounty vitamin or supplement $1.00/1 (7/19/11)
Nature Bounty Fle-a-min supplement $3.00/1 (7/19/11)
Nature Bounty Your Life multi supplement $2.00/1 (7/19/11)
Nestle Nesquik product ANY .50/1 (8/28/11)
Newman's Own Lemonade .50/1 (7/30/11)
Newman's Own Pasta Sauce, salsa, lemonade, marinade, popcorn or cereal .50/1 (7/30/11)
Newman's Own Salad dresssing .75/1 (7/30/11)
Newman's Own Thin & Crispy Pizza $1.00/1 (7/30/11)
Nivea for men face care product or TWO shave gels (0.5 fl oz - 7 oz) $2.00/1 (7/30/11)
Nivea for men body wash (8.4 fl oz- 16.9 fl oz) $2.00/1 (7/30/11)
Organic Valley flavored or regular half & half and soy creamer $1.00/1 (6/30/11)
Perdue Frozen fully cooked product $1.00/1 (7/31/11)
Perdue refrigerated breaded product .50/1 (7/31/11)
Pure Protein 4-pack of RTDs or Protein Powder $2.00/1 (7/31/11)
Pure Protein bar Buy one get one FREE up to $1.69 (7/31/11)
Sarna Anti-itch product $2.00/1 (8/31/11)
Scar Zone product $1.50/1 (7/31/11)
Snuggle fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets .75/1 (7/17/11)
Target coupon Purina brand cat care items 6-lb or larger dry food, 12-pk or larger wet food, 20lb or larger Tidy cat litter $5.00/3 (7/31/11)

A BIG Thank You to stacysaephanh at WUC!
We LOVE the coupon sharing community!

Coupon Preview Smart Source June 5, 2011

After going through coupon withdrawal this past weekend, here is a preview of what's to come THIS weekend.

Remember, coupons are regional in nature. If you do not get every coupon listed, this is why. Be sure to consider an eBay auction, or a clipping service to get multiple coupons for the best stocking-up power. Use them if you do not get the coupons you were hoping to get!

AI Steak Sauce or Marinade 10oz+ $1 (7/3/11)
Ban Solid .75 (7/31/11)
Ban 1.5oz+ .40 (7/31/11)
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Mixes .50/2 (7/30/11)
Bic Flex4 Razor 3-pack, Bic Flex3 Razor 4 pack (7/17/11)
Bic Comfort 3 Advance Razor 4 pack, Bic Hybrid Advance Razor $3 (7/17/11)
Chicago Cutlery Single Knife $2 (8/31/11)
Colgate Toothpaste 4 oz+ .75 (6/25/11)
Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush excluding Colgate Plus or Extra Clean .75 (6/25/11)
Duncan Hines Premium Cake Mix or Brownie Mix free to $2.50 wyb any 2 Duncan Hines products (9/5/11)
Dan-o-nino Dairy Snacks 6 or 12 pack $1 (7/31/11)
Danimals $1 (7/31/11)
Efferdent $2/2 (7/30/11)
Emery Cat Board no refills $5 (6/30/11)
Excedrin 20ct+ .75 (7/16/11)
Excerin 80 ct+ $1.50 (7/16/11)
John Frieda $2 (7/31/11)
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour $3 (8/27/11)
French's Dijon Mustard .75 (9/30/11)
Mentos UP2U Gum one pack $1 (7/20/11)
Mentos Gum 50 pc+ bottle $1 (7/20/11)
Mentos Gum 15 pc+ $1/3 (7/20/11)
Nexcare .55 (10/31/11)
Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers Microwavable Meal $1 (7/30/11)|
Red Baron Singles .75 (8/7/11)
Resolve Laundry Pre-Treat .50 (7/17/11)
Resolve in-Wash Stain Remover $1 (7/17/11)
Seattle's Best Coffee Iced Latte 4-pack $2 (8/7/11)
Seattle's Best Coffee single can 9.5 oz $1 (8/7/11)
Tully's K-Cup portion packs $2/2 (7/31/11)
Tully's Coffee 12 oz bag $1.50 (7/31/11)
V8 Splash 45 oz+ .$1/2 (7/17/11)
V8 100% Vegetable Juice 46 oz+ $1 (7/31/11)
V8 100% Vegetable 46 oz+ $2/2 (7/31/11)
Welch's Fruit Snacks or Fruit 'n Yogurt Snacks 3 ct, 10ct, 24 ct, or 40ct $1/2 (7/17/11)
Welch's Fruit Snacks 40 ct box $1.50 (7/17/11)
Yoplait Frozen Smoothie .75 (7/30/11)

A BIG Thank You to Debbie Does Coupons

Coupon Preview Proctor and Gamble June 5, 2011

After going through coupon withdrawal this past weekend, here is a preview of what's to come THIS weekend.

Remember, coupons are regional in nature. If you do not get every coupon listed, this is why. Be sure to consider an eBay auction, or a clipping service to get multiple coupons for the best stocking-up power. Use them if you do not get the coupons you were hoping to get!

All coupons expire 7/31/2011

$3 PUR or PUR Flavor Options System (Pitcher or Faucet Mount)

$1 any Prilosec OTC

$2 Fixodent Cleaner

50c Fixodent Adhesive

$2 any Metamucil

$1.50 Pampers Diapers or Pants

$1.50 Pampers Cruisers , Swaddlers or Extra Protection Diapers

$1 Oral B Pro-Health For Me CrossAction or Pulsar Manual Toothbrush

$1 Crest Pro-Health For Me Toothpaste

Buy Olay Bar, Bodywash or In Shower Lotion, & get $1 off Crest 3D White Vivid or Advanced Vivid Toothpaste

$5 Crest 3 D White 2 Hour Express, Professional Effects, Advanced Vivid 14 ct, Vivid, Stain Shield Gentle Routine (excl 2 ct trial) Whitestrips

$2 Crest Rinse 946 ml or larger

$2 Oral-B Pulsar Manual Toothbrush

$3 Oral-B Adult or Kids Battery Toothbrush

$1 Crest Rinse 440 ml or larger

75c Crest Toothpaste 4 oz or more or liquid gel

75c Oral-B Satin, Glide Floss 30M or more, or Glide Floss Picks 30 ct or higher

B1G1 CrossAction Manual Brush - up to $3.99

Buy 1 Venus Refills, get 1 Olay hand & body lotion FREE - up to $7.00

Buy 2 Secret Scent Expressions, get 1 Secret body spray free - up to $5.00

$2 Venus refillable razor or pack of disposable razors

$1 Secret Clinical or Natural Minerals deo ets

$5 two Covergirl Natureluxe products

$1 any Covergirl product

$1 Always Infinity, 14 ct or higher

$3 Two Tampax Pearl or Compak Pearl, 18 ct or higher

$1.50 Two Tampax, 18 ct or higher

50c Always Pads, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Cloths

50c Always Pantyliner, 30 ct or higher

$3 Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleaner, ets

$1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, ets

$3 Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10 or Color Blend Foam hair color

$1 Nice 'n Easy hair color

$1 Two Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner ets

$1 TWO Pantene products ets

$2 Gillette ProSeries Skin Care product

$4 Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor

$1 TWO Old Spice products 1.7 oz or larger

Buy Old Spice Deodorant, get Old Spice Body Wash up to $5.99

$1 Gillette ProGlide or Fusion Shave Prep

$1 Gillette Deodorant

$10 Braun Male Series Shaver 3,5 or 7

B1G1 Gillette Bodywash, ets, up to $4.99

25c Charmin

50c Downy Liquid Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets

25c Cascade

$1 Cascade Rinse Aid

$1 Bounty Napkins

25c Bounty Towels or Napkins

35c Tide

$1 Tide To Go

$1 Tide Stain Release Product

$3 26-50 oz Powder, 15-34 ct DUO Pac or 36-68 oz liquid Tide Stain Release

A BIG Thank You  to AMIT from WUC, who credits Signedup at SD.
Gotta LOVE the sharing coupon community!