Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coupons for the Military-over $3,500 in coupons sent!

Well, the month of May sure came and went fast...didn't it?

With a new month comes the cleaning out and reorganizing our COUPON BINDER.

Remember though, we consider coupons to be MONEY and our Nation's Military families can use expired coupons up to 6 months past the coupon expiration date.

We wrote about it HERE.

So, a-cleaning we the tune of an estimated $3,500 in coupons.

This is just a SMALL portion of the coupons we are mailing. We sort our coupons into individual envelopes based upon expiration month: Food, Non-Food, Baby, and Pets.

Once they are all sorted, we use a flat rate USPS envelope to send them on their way.

Generally, throughout the binder clean out process, we file these away as we go...just to keep life a little more simple.

While the military families can use them up to 6 months expired, we send ours out every other month. This is because coupons are sent to the base, and this allows the families time to receive them, have them sorted, and still use them.

You might ask....WHY let so much money in coupons expire?
The answer is: Just because there is a coupon available, it doesn't mean that using it will get you the rock bottom price. Also, we clip ALL coupons, just in case. Those we don't use, we send in the hopes that a military family will be able to use it.

Or.... WHERE in the world did you get so many coupons in the first place?
The simple answer: We have A LOT of help.
 We ask our friends, and neighbors for coupon inserts.

We also need to mention, that my father, a Vietnam Vet, is such a supporter of our couponing, and often saves inserts just for me. Many of the coupons being sent are a direct result of his support.

This is My Dad, holding his first ever Great Grandson...BIG D!

Thanks so much to my Dad. For his contribution to our effort to send coupons to our military, for his service to our country and for so many things I just can't post here!

I Love You Dad!

Please consider clipping coupons for our military. I know that the families who receive them are so very grateful!

Until Next Time: