Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kroger-Double Check Your E-Coupons Before You Shop

We just confirmed with the Wheeling,WV Stores: Mt Dechantal, and Warwood,  that if you have an E-coupon loaded to your Kroger Savings Card, and paper coupons for the same item, your E-Coupon will scan and you will not be able to use your paper coupons for those items.

In the past, customers were able to use both, and in effect, stack these coupons. However, Kroger states that both paper coupons and E-Coupons are Manufacturer coupons. Thus, you can not use two manufacturer coupons for one item.

Also, per the Kroger digital coupon webpage: Limit one use per digital coupon per transaction. Digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of a single item and do not double.

We suggest that you fore-go the E-Coupon if:

  •  If you have paper coupons for the items that you are going to purchase. (One coupon per item) and that coupon amount will DOUBLE for you to save you more than the E-Coupon.
For example:
You have an E-Coupon for an item worth 50 cents. You also have a manufacturer's coupon for that same item for 35 cents.
Kroger will double that manufacturer's coupon to 70 cents. The E-Coupon will be worth only 50 cents.
It would be better to fore-go the E-Coupon because you will save more money with the manufacturer's coupons, which double.

We suggest that you keep the E-Coupon if:

  • If the E-Coupon value is equal to, or greater than, the coupon amount when doubled, if applicable. And, you are buying one item.
For example:

You have an E-Coupon for an item and it's $1.25. You also have a manufacturer's coupon for the same item, but it is 50 cents. Kroger will double your paper coupon, to $1.00. The E-Coupon will save you more money in this case, since it is worth $1.25.

It is always wise to put together your shopping list first.
Then, match up the coupons you have for the items on your shopping list.
Then, match up any E-Coupons to your list.
Compare what you will save, and keep in mind that the E-Coupon will only be used one time during your transaction.

E-Coupons are great:
  • When you are purchasing one of the item
  • When you have no manufacturer coupon for that item
  • When you have an manufacturer coupon that will not double up to the amount of the E-Coupon
E-Coupons should be passed upon when:
  • You're buying several of the same item
  • You have manufacturer coupons for those items (one coupon per item)
  • Your manufacturer's coupons are able to be doubled, thus saving you more on those items.
So, what do you do if you find you have E-Coupons on your card, but your manufacturer's coupons will save you more money?
Simply log into your E-Coupon account, and use the delete feature to remove the coupons from your card before you shop.

Until next time: