Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why Size Matters

There's nothing I want more than to save TOP dollar at any store I frequent.
That's why, when I'm shopping, I don't just pay attention to the price of a product.
Size matters too, and here's why.

In example, my local Wal Mart carries Gain Dryer Sheets fin the 40 count for $1.87.
They also carry the 80 count for $3.26. (The picture above is from a different store that I do not go to often.)

At first glance, and without coupon consideration, I might think that the 80 count would be a better buy. Simply because one reverts to math, and $1.87 (40 count) doubled is $3.74. Well, on the shelf, right next to the 40 count dryer sheets, is the 80 count dryer sheets and they are marked $3.26. That's LESS than $3.74 so, better buy right?

Or is it?

This is where coupon consideration comes in.

Let's say you've been lucky to have found the $1 off Gain Dryer Sheets or Gain Fabric Enhancer coupons.

Using that $1 off coupon  on the 40 count makes each box you buy with a coupon just $0.87 each.
Use that same coupon on the 80 count, and your price becomes $2.26 per box.

If you were to buy 2-40 count boxes, using two coupons (for a total of 80 dryer sheets) your cost is now $1.74,

but the 1-80 count box is $2.26.

By purchasing the 40 count boxes, in multiples and using a coupon on each box, saves you money.  Exactly $0.52 per box, than if you were to purchase the 80 count box and use one coupon.

Don't just consider the price of the product, consider the price of the product using your coupon.  If the price using the coupon is significant, consider getting your hands on multiples of that coupon. Doing so allows you to maximize the savings on that product and add that product to your stockpile.

That's what we did recently at Wal Mart. We purchased 22-40 count boxes of Gain dryer sheets.
The cost before coupon: $41.14
The cost after coupon: $19.14.
We saved exactly $22.00 because we had 22-$1 off coupons.
We purchased : 880 dryer sheets in total.

If we would have purchased the same amount of dryer sheets: 880
but purchased the 80 count boxes, we would have needed to purchase 11 boxes.
The cost of 11 boxes at $3.26 per box: $35.86
The cost after coupon: $24.86 (we can only use 11 coupons because we purchased 11 items)

In all we save $5.72 using coupons and purchasing the 40 count boxes, and we accomplish the same number of dryer sheets.

So remember, size matters. Sometimes purchasing the smaller package, so long as the coupon allows, saves you money.

Until Next Time: