Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sincerest of Apologies

If you haven't noticed, I've not been posting. If you have noticed, Thanks! LOL

In all seriousness though....please accept our sincerest of apologies.

Life happened...again!

First of all, My Father, was hospitalized on July 12th. He gave us a real scare, as we found that he had blood clots on his lungs. His care he is receiving though the Pittsburgh, PA VA Medical Center is astounding! He's out of the woods now, and receiving Physical Therapy but is not yet home.
Of course, it's been impossible for me to be with him all the time, but the fear, confusion, worry, and concern that comes with being a daughter of an ill parent has taken it's toll.

Additionally, and in the midst of Dad's illness, I am still living in a renovation zone, and trying to ready my home office for ....a NEW JOB.

That job's training started last week, and so here we are.

I have not only not been posting, but I have about 4 weeks worth of coupon inserts to clip, a binder to sort though, and a list of deals, that I want to participate in, to compile.

It's been crazy hectic!

But, it is with this post that I commit to getting back on the blogging wagon and start sharing deals that I find. It's just a matter of re-introducing it into my personal schedule. I'm working on it, and I really appreciate you all for sticking with me.

Until Next Time (Which I hope to be REAL soon!)