Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kroger Mega Haul

Wheeling, WV Kroger stores have been participating in a Mega Sale for the last two weeks. This particular Mega Sale states that for every 10 participating items you purchase, you save $5 off your total grocery bill.
Below is my list, broken down between Mega and Non-Mega shopping. I purchased 80 participating Mega items, saving $40 off my bill, BEFORE coupons.

This is what Ya Ya was able to score:

2 Bottles Sunny D
8 Boxes Ronzoni Health Harvest Pasta
8 Boxes Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta
2 Packets Uncle Ben Ready Rice
4 Bottles Propel Water
4 Boxes Gortons Shrimp
1 Container Philadelphia Cooking Creme
4 Bags Pictsweet Frozen Veggies
8 Boxes Kellogs Fiber Plus Bar
6 Boxes Crystal Lite Packets
8 4-packs Activia Yogurt
5 Quaker Rice Cakes
4 Kraft BBQ Sauce
3 Kraft Mayo
7 Ragu Pasta Sauces
2 1/2 Gal Silk Almond Milk (Dark Chocolate)
2 Jello Temptations
2 Bags Bolder Chips

2 Toaster Strudel
2 Bags Frozen Kroger Chicken Breast
20 Bottles Gatorade
3 Kroger Big-K Pop
10 Pepsi Product 2-L
1 Kroger Coffee
1 Bottle Kraft Dressing
1 Box Wheat Thins
1 Bag Doritos
2 Cases Kroger Bottled Water
3 Bags Kroger Tortilla Chips
4 Bottles Ivory Body Wash

This is what $337.28 looks like in my shopping cart:

After my Kroger Plus Card,  Mega Sale Credit, and coupons, I walked out for $123.77. That's a 63% Savings. I always aim for 50% off my bill, so I was happy with this!

The sale continues through this Sunday May 15th, and we will be posting a Mega Match Up soon.
Until Then: