Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FREE Tote Bag from Vistaprint!!-GONE!

This is a ONE DAY Offering from Vistaprint! We just ordered ours!! Isn't it cute??
It's perfect for our shopping trips and is so much nicer that those plastic bags you get at the store!

And then...I decided to make one for Big D! Just for when he comes over to stay. His Mommy and Daddy can drop in a few things he needs and it saves from lugging around that huge diaper bag of his!
Look how cute his turned out!

What makes it even MORE perfect is that today,  it was FREE!! Shipping cost just $4.41. (I've saved that by shopping with coupons a million times over *wink wink*.)

The tote bag is part of Vistaprint's Summer Camp Care Package campaign. They say it's perfect for carrying swimming gear down to the lake. We agree. And just as soon as we are done shopping with our coupons, we might join them down there too!

How do you get yours?

It's simple!! Simply click the little banner below and design your own bag....or choose from one of their cute designs. We called it our $4.41 contribution to the environment because we will use this as our eco-friendly shopping bag!

Vistaprint Free Tote Bags

Do something good for the environment and your pocketbook! Order yours today because tomorrow the deal will be gone!

Until Next Time: