Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rite Aid Single Check Rebates

Before Rite-Aid launched their Wellness Card and UP+ rewards, they offered their Single Check Rebates....and guess what? They still do!

Single Check Rebates are a great money saving tool.
The way the program works is fairly simple.

Every month, Rite Aid offers certain products through their rebate program.
You simply visit the store, OR Rite Aid's website, and purchase those items.
Enter your receipt information, and then request your check.

What makes these SCR's even more enticing is that often coupons can be found to match to the item your purchasing. AND, sometimes even the Wellness Card +UP rewards are often offered in conjunction with a SCR. Add the coupons to a sales price, possibly get +UP rewards, and then get a rebate on top of that! That's a Win-Win!

One of our local readers: Brenda from Wheeling, WV recently told us why she likes Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate program.

Ya Ya: How long have you been a Rite Aid customer?

Brenda: I have been a rite aid customer for at least 30 yrs.

Ya Ya What about the SCR program appeals to you the most?

Brenda:  I like the SCR because I just have to enter the receipt online then at the end of the month I request my check.  I like that I get a check and can cash it and use the cash for other things, not just have to purchase something at rite like how the uprewards work.

 Ya YaHow easy is it for a new Rite Aid customer, in your opinion, to take advantage of the program?

Brenda: [It takes] just take a few minutes to sign up. It is very easy to use.

Ya YaHow often do you have to submit your rebate information?

Brenda: So I don't forget, I always enter my receipt info as soon as I can after I have purchased.

Ya Ya: How long does it take for you to receive your rebate from Rite Aid?

Brenda: At the end of the month I request my check and receive it in usually 1-2 weeks.

Sounds Easy-Peasy, and as though it requires very little organization. We LIKE that!

If you've been wondering how to save a little extra money at Rite Aid, consider checking out the Rite Aid Single Check Program. As the weeks progress here at yayacouponz, we are going to try to post some Rite Aid match ups, so look for our inclusion of the SCR program in those upcoming posts!

A Super Mondo-Nod of appreciation to our reader Brenda, without whom our review of the SCR program would have taken much longer to post!!
Thanks Brenda~!

If YOU are a Rite Aid Shopper, and take advantage of the UP+ rewards, we want to interview you! Email us: HERE and put UP+ Reward customer in the subject line of your email!

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