Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Stockpile Peeping Part 2

It's time for another episode of Stockpile Peeping!
This week's episode is brought to you by:

We are very excited to bring you the following stockpile pictures from 
Coupon Frenzy Mom's stash!

We "met" April, the owner of Coupon Frenzy Mom through networking on our favorite Coupon Forum:WeUseCoupons.Com

April, a fellow Wuckie, tells us that she is not only an avid couponer but she's turned to eBay to provide coupons to those who may need multiples, or simply did not receive certain coupons in their regional insert offerings.

We here at YaYaCouponz always advocate bidding and buying the time of a coupon clipper from a trusted source. We encourage you to check out her auctions and bookmark her eBay "me" page for future use:
Her feedback is flawless and thus, she's a reputable seller to check out!

Here's a little peak into Coupon Frenzy Mom's Stockpile:

And LOOK, More Purex!!
We asked Coupon Frenzy Mom a few questions about her stockpile:

YaYa: How long have you been stockpiling?
Coupon Frenzy Mom: I just started my stockpile in March of this year!, I have over 35 body washes, 30 toothbrushes, 20 toothpastes; TONS of laundry soap, dryer sheets and stain release; about 40 Razors, 30 shave creams; not to mention all my food: 18 Ranch Dressings, 15 Ketchups, 15 boxes ceareal...and more...

YaYa: What has been your favorite score so far?
Coupon Frenzy Mom: My FAVE Haul was when Walmart had the 12.00 gillette Proglide sets (with the face scrub etc) on clearance for 5.00!! I had (20) $4/1 gillette proglide and snagged them for $1 a piece!! 
Here's a pic of that score:
YaYa: So, what's on your Radar this coming month?
Coupon Frenzy Mom: This month I am looking to stock on coffee, diapers, more laundry soap and always body wash! 

We LOVE Coupon Frenzy Mom's Stockpile Building Philosophy: "I add a little each week, and never clear the shelves. Building a successful stockpile means adding a little each week, and shopping clearance and sales..."

We couldn't agree more.

Here's a bit more eye candy from Coupon Frenzy Mom's Stockpile:

A Shop N Save Score:

An Overview of her Stockpile Organization:

 And As she tells us on her BLOG
She's outgrown her space and is now storing items in boxes:
(we think this is a GOOD "problem" to have!)

Visit her BLOG 
And don't forget to check out her eBay Auctions 
When you do visit, let her know that YaYa sent you her way!

Photo's used and posted with the express consent of Coupon Frenzy Mom

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