Monday, June 6, 2011

Shopping Aisle Etiquette--Come On, Move Out Of The Way

I am, admittedly, one of "THOSE" coupon shoppers. I DO, indeed, have a full binder, organized, and filled with coupons.

Yes, I take this binder into the store with me.

I use it to shop. In fact, when I am shopping, my binder becomes my "right-hand-man". If I were to NOT take it into the store with me, the likelihood that I would miss out on an unadvertised sale is literally 99%.

Using a binder saves me money, and I'm proud to use it. I'm proud of the money it saves my family. What many of us, who use coupon binders to save money, do is what I like to call Extremely Normal Couponing.

That term is so brilliant, I happen to know someone who used it as their blog name (*kicks the ground and says Darn under her breath!*).

That said, I do my very best, as I know other couponers do, to:

  • Not clear a shelf
  • Not leave a cart unattended
  • Not block an aisle
I mean come would really be nice if ALL shopping aisles around the country looked like this:

Plenty of room to move around, nice, wide open space with plenty of product to choose from.

Sadly, they don't.

And when you get people standing around, leaving carts in the way, and parking their carts where ever they feel so that they can grab product, it makes the shopping experience terrible for everyone.

And as an extremely normal couponer I say to those rude, and non-attentive shoppers who either do shop with a binder or not....

Come on, Move out of the way...I've got some coupons to use and you are in the way!

Let's not block the aisles, or clear the shelves, or goodness forbid, leave your cart unattended so that you can do your shopping half way down the aisle. When you do that, it leaves a bad impression for those of us who do not do these things.

Besides, that Purex on the shelf, behind your unattended cart....I have a coupon for it and I'm waiting for you to move so that I can grab it and be on my way....K?

Until Next Time: