Sunday, July 3, 2011

Charitable Couponing

Hey, times are tough! Sometimes, you just don't have that extra buck to hand to a charity, but you feel like you want to help.

Well, you can. With coupons.

You know those great deals that we post about? Many times we post deals that you can get totally free. Why not pick up a few of those deals, and donate a portion?

Maybe you don't pick up those deals because you, personally, won't use the items. These are PERFECT charity donations.

With back to school sales coming up soon, there will be some awesome deals. Got kids in school? Maybe you can pick up some great deals for your personal needs and then a couple extras to donate?
Don't have kids in school? Don't pass up the deals, go get them and donate them to kids who need them.

Those hygiene items that are often totally FREE or money makers? Why not grab a few for you, and a few to put aside for a charity donation?

We are adding a Charitable Couponing page to our blog. Our goal is that by July 8, 2011 we will have added many charities local to our area. We will be putting the organization information, such as their address, phone numbers and a person to contact. These organizations will be located in Marshall, Ohio, Brooke and Hancock Counties, in West Virginia and in Belmont County, Ohio.

We encourage you to consider picking up a few extra items using your coupons to donate to others in need. Together, with deals and coupons, we can help make the difference in not only our own lives, but the lives of others.

Have a great, and SAFE, 4th of July!

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Dee - WishfulMe said...

Great post and reminder of how we can help out a little bit at a time! I always encourage my coupon class attendee's to pick up the free items for donations, if they have time and/or are already there. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Thanks for visiting my blog and keep up the great work! Keeping up with deals is a full time job. :)

Take care,