Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coupon Karma-What?

What is Coupon Karma? 

By definition, in a loose sense, coupon karma means : if you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa. credit: Urban Dictionary

Do something good.  

For instance, do you have multiples of a coupon that makes something a super great deal? 
Why not give one, or a couple to someone? If you do, they can share the joy of a great deal too.
Did you find a great coupon, but it's something you won't use? 
Why not give it to someone who will use it? 

Do something not-so-good.

For instance, you know that great deal you found on product A? You went to the store, and scooped up every LAST one of them from the shelves?
Chances are, the next time another great deal comes along, those items won't be on the shelves when you go to get your score. 

Leave some for another, and another will leave some for you.

Sure, we can make the argument: 
" Well, every time I go, there's nothing left.". 

Talk to management about stock. Ask them for a rain check on the item. Ask them to order some in just for you.
Remember, two wrong's don't make a right. And, is it really worth your inner peace to flirt with the negative side of coupon karma??

Remember, what we put out, we get back. Avoid the temptation to clear the shelves, and coupon karma will always nod in your favor.

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Bailey said...

I always hand off the % off coupons that I can't use to someone else in line. The craft stores offer them weekly, but they are only good on non-sale items. Most of the time I go for the sale items, but always bring the coupons, just in case.

Angie said...

I have been reading a lot of finance, budget and savvy shopping books lately and they all promote giving back, sharing the wealth, etc. This is always sound advice. Karma is a nasty lady. ;)

WAH Adventures! said...

I love when I find a random coupon sitting next to the product! Lets me know that someone else cares ;) I like to leave my unused coupons laying beside the products as a way to return the favor.

When I go to Hobby Lobby I always print an extra 40% off coupon to leave laying around or hand to someone in line.

I should have lots and lots of karma points! ;)

Chrystal Mahan said...

It depends on where the coupon is and what it is for. Some store coupons I have given to others in line, or to the cashier to give to someone. Store coupons I might leave on the shelf next to the item. We have a book at our church, a binder book, of coupons we are allowed to take. I trade. Give someone the ones I do not use, and take a few of the ones I will.

Carrie Beasley said...

I love leaving extra coupons near the product! The last time I did so, the lady in front of me at the check out line handed me a % off coupon she received. Karma! :O)