Friday, April 29, 2011

Where to Get Coupons: Printable Coupons

In previous posts we have discussed where to get coupons.

Besides the Sunday paper, you have options.

These days many retailers are accepting printed coupons. Their acceptance widens your saving abilities.

But, where can you print coupons?

Well, for starters, you can print them right from this website! (Disclaimer, we are an affiliate.)

We believe, so much, in the ability to save that we partnered up with to provide our visitors the ability to print great coupons.

To print coupons from this site, simply click HERE!!!

Use the arrows to scroll up or down to select the coupons you'd like to print. OR, click on the "see all coupons" option and choose them in that manner. These coupons reset every month, so check back for new ones.

Additionally, the insert companies also provide the ability to print coupons. Visit the following sites, by clicking the links below,  to obtain coupons:

Red Plum

Smart Source 

By adding printable coupons to your arsenal of paper coupons, you can further maximize your savings.

Until next time,