Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of The Month Coupons

It's April 30th.

If your like me, you have coupons in your possession that expire today.

One beginner misconception is the thought that because a coupon is expiring, it needs to be used.

I'd like to caution, however, against that.

Sure, it's sad to see coupons, or money NOT used. But, if you are only using the coupon to use it, are you really getting a great deal?

So think about the following before you run to your local store with all of your April 30 expiration date coupons:

1. Do you really NEED the item?
2. If I use it today, am I going to receive the item for FREE, or darn near it?

If so...go spend your coupon.

If not, set it aside and consider sending the coupons you don't use to our Nation's Military.
We posted about how to do so HERE!!!!!

Until Next Time